Hair Fork Recommendtions for sizes and lengths

Hair fork recommendations~
For shorter, thinner or slippery hair we recomment the 3 or 4 tine lilliputians.We also now make a Mini-Lilli that is very good for petite heads or very tiny updos!
The lilliputians will also work well for very long fine or thin hair. ANd i can wear a lilli 3 0r 4 tine easily with waist length medium thick hair..
We can add or take away length or size to any design. WE can take away length on almost any exisiting fork, but to get a longer functional length we will have to make a new fork just for you!
For thicker hair the Mezzo or Original size 3 or 4 prongs work really well.The lilliputian 2 tines also work well on thicker or curly hair.
Our 5 tine forks are fabulous for long hair, thick or thin..i love mine, its very comfy, spreads the weight of the updo out over the back of your head. We make those in a wave or PCT crown design.
since we have added new sizes there have been lots of questions about them:
Micro Mini= for little girls, or very small updos on petite people, or as large bobby pins to hold a stray layer in!
mini-lilli=this size is 25% smaller than our regular lilli forks, which come in all of our designs.
lilli=our standard, best selling size. it is bold without being too large for most people.
this size comes in all of our designs
mezzo=25% larger than the lilli, and smaller than the original. this is a bold size for lots of thick hair or a larger head size.
Original= our largest forks, big and bold and very effective!
we have several designs,
the wave, the threnody is the rolling- hills- top- look which comes in 3 or 4 tines in any size, and the PCT which is on our "my first forks" and the 5 tines.
If you have any questions please convo or email us, we love to help and want you to be completely in love with your hair art!

Here is a video on how to use our hair forks!

Pictures of forks on our Facebook page and also a size chart

We acquire our antlers from shed elk and mule deer. No animals were harmed, this is a natural process they go through each year and regrow entirely new antlers. It is quite amazing, and an entirely renewable material source.
The wood we use is occassionally gathered from either hurricanes we experienced in Florida or fire wood piles , or trees that have fallen in their natural course. We do purchase exotic woods. This makes each piece Stacy creates  extremely unique and valuable.  Our exotic hardwoods are bought from a supplier who gets them from a sustainably harvested source, they are grown for the wood industry.


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