Waterproof Threnody is HERE!!

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What a long LONG strange trip its been!! We started working on having one of our hair forks produced in acrylic years ago, and what an adventure it has been!  We wanted to offer a waterproof hair fork, and also to have some thing at a lower price point available to many more people. Something that did not need quite the devotion our beloved wood art needs. Not everyone is totally committed to thier locks, as WE are * wink wink*....Over the years of working on this we came to the 3 prong threnody as our first fork design and the most commonly bought fork. We had to decide on one size for this project, as the mold being made is extensively complicated, expensive and will be used for thousands of fork productions. I  know many of you can not use this size fork, and we plan and hope to do the mini size of this fork in production next. But please know, that we invested a lot of money to get this made, so we have a lot of making up to do before we are able to get the next one! I am being totally real here...Its something we believe in with our whole hearts. We LOVE this design and many more colors are coming! 

These are going to be great starter forks, or for friends who do not know about hair forks, as the care for them is quite a lot less than wood. They can be left in the car without damage ( at least I left them in MY car and there was no ill effects yet.)  The clear will yellow eventually if stored in sulight, as almost any material on earth will do. We have thrown them and dropped them, and they do not seem to break. The tips can be damaged if dropped directly on them.  Acetone will melt them. Please do NOT put acetone in your hair! Nightblooming graciously tested one with Henna and the coloring does NOT affect the fork! I do not know about chemical hair dyes, as I know no one who uses this process on thier hair, but as soon as I find someone I could ask to do that, I will.

This project started with having a CAD program of the 3 prong Threnody made.  It took about 6 weeks to get that ready.THen there had to be a 3-D printed model made, to be sure the program acurately represented the fork. Once that was worked out with many revisions and approved, we were able to get to the manufacturers and start working with them on the design of the mold. This piece was not your typical injection molded piece, as you can imagine!  Getting that settled took quite a lot of communication, compromise and creativity on both our parts. At one point we thought it just would not be able to be done, and then....we went away from conventional with the mold design and it worked. The mold took quite a long time to make and once that was ready, samples were put through it for our approval. What an exciting package to open!! we had acrylic forks produced for us in our design!  the material the samples were made of was not exactly what we were looking for however, and that was the next hurdle. For months we had different types of materials, with different properties and colors, and finally the polystyrene fit what we were looking for in color, feel, weight and strength. I never knew how many types of plastic acrylic there are!  Then we had to deal with our standards for the finish. What THEY thought was finished and what WE thought was finished did not match up at all. We even drove to the plant to work with them directly, but alas , it was not to be. Even though these are our lower price models, we could NOT let them out with such scars on them as they were leaving. And so now, we are finishing every single piece.   Once we trim off the area that has been used for the material to flow into the mold, then we have to sand it and buff the whole piece. Some of the pieces will still show visible flow lines from the manufacturing process. These are not scratches or evidence of a defective fork. The poly forks are NOT custom ordered and handmade wood pieces. There will be occassionally some visible flow lines. But each piece we send is buffed and packaged by us , and we are inspecting for no pulls on the hair and a pleasing topper.  You can always contact me if you have any concerns!

This process has certainly taught us a LOT about having something manufactured. There is so much that goes into it, on so many levels. We are very pleased and proud to have gotten this product out to you now!  Its a wonderful addition to our line of hair forks.

We will be continuing to make wood and antler hair forks, of course, and custom orders are open!

We look forward to your comments and any inquiries are more than welcome!


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