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A video of my every day updo with our new Waterproof Threnody Hairfork!

Preview Image: 

I did a short video, of the updo I most often do. It is simple and quick and still looks a little fancy!  My hair is thick, curly and nearly knee length. Our hair forks work for many lengths and types of hair .

I hope you enjoy seeing my every day hair do, and how our waterproof threnody can hold and decorate your updo!

Sending you all lots of love and blessings


Waterproof Threnody is HERE!!

Preview Image: 

What a long LONG strange trip its been!! We started working on having one of our hair forks produced in acrylic years ago, and what an adventure it has been!  We wanted to offer a waterproof hair fork, and also to have some thing at a lower price point available to many more people. Something that did not need quite the devotion our beloved wood art needs. Not everyone is totally committed to thier locks, as WE are * wink wink*....Over the years of working on this we came to the 3 prong threnody as our first fork design and the most commonly bought fork.

Welcome 2014!

Welcome to the new Grah-Toe Studio home!! our new forks will be listed here, and all of our news and fun pictures and videos will also be here, all in one wonderful place! YIPEEE! we hope you love it here, and will come in, have some coffee, browse, sing, watch hair videos and shop!


Please feel free to browse the gallery for inspiration on custom orders, and we are working on a list of current woods in stock, but it is changing always!