About Us

Welcome to Grah-Toe Studio and thank you so much for "shopping" by!
We make Hair Forks and Sticks in Wood and Antler , and our goal is to have them be heirlooms in your family.    "A hair journey isn't just growing long hair, but your lifes journey with your hair"
We love to get to know you and your hair to make the perfect hair art that suits your hair, your life and your heart. We appreciate you allowing us to be a part of your hair journey!! All you ever wanted to know or will need to know will be here. Our shop, blog, portfolio, appreciation and action pictures and contact.
At Grah-Toe Studio, you get the hair fork that is pictured, not a version of it.  So you get to see the actual grain your fork will have.  We take the time to make the pictures of each hair fork  or stick we make, because each one is unique, beautiful and special for its own markings and character that will call to your heart and hair.  The extra time it takes is well worth the results!

Grah-Toe Studio makes Wood and Antler Hair Forks and Hair Sticks are not for the faint of heart. They are big and bold and meant to be seen as functional pieces of hair art.~WE strive to make Heirloom (Hairloom) quality hair forks from our love of creating and long hair.  Our hair forks are for ALL hair types and lengths, and we almost always accept custom orders. We also spend time with you getting to know your hair and your updo goals so you get the perfect hair accessory for you and your lifestyle.

Our Handmade Wooden Snowflakes are in the December 2011 issue of Family Circle Magazine, page 28.

If you would like to learn more about us you can check out our Facebook page for announcements, wood information and new custom order guidelines.


PLEASE read our policies before purchasing to be sure we all agree and understand each other.  If you are ordering from anywhere other than USA , PLEASE read the policies before ordering! we CAN NOT be responsible for international  packages that do not arrive if you do not want to pay for insurance and registered mail!

Thanks again for shopping at Grah-Toe Studio!!We appreciate you!


We love to have new projects and welcome custom requests.
We work in wood,stone,clay,metal,antler and beaded jewelry.

Grah-Toe Studio can make just about  anything you can dream up! All of our art , for hair, holiday decoration or home decor, is handmade by Grah-Toe Studio, Inc from raw material to finished product. Our hands are dirty and covered in love the whole way!

We have always dreamed of doing our art full time and thank the Lord for the opportunity to do what we love, love what we do! 

Our studio got its name from a traveling experience..we drove from the East coast USA to the west coast..the rock formations are amazing, some of which are called grottos..We believe that our artistic talents are a gift from God,and we are grateful for them, all the way down to our toes! As we traveled and marveled we tossed these concepts around ,along with the amazing earth created for us to enjoy, we decided to call our studio Grah(from grateful) Toe( to our toes) ! So Inspired Creations from Grah-Toe Studio!

Thank you for shopping with Grah-Toe Studio.