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Hanging one of these beautiful wooden hearts will bring joy and love to any  room!  Amazing gifts for baby shower, weddings, valentines day,anniversaries, birthdays.

Some of them hang on the back, but most of them are dancing hearts, and hang so that they are not flat on the wall, but alive with motion. The beautiful grain patterns can be seen for the scultpures that they are in this way. Every angle will give a different view of the heart!

This heart is made of Cypress wood. It has a gorgeous knot in the top and wavy grain across the front. THis heart does hang from the back as seen in the pictures. It has some malachite inlaid where there were larger inclusions.

It measures about 9 inches in the longest part, and its about 6.5 inches across the lobes.It weighs  1 lb, 7.5 ounces