Thank you so much for shopping with Grah-Toe Studio!  You are greatly appreciated!  We have coupon specials for our Facebook and Instagram followers, come join us !!  We are open for custom orders!

Waterproof Threnody hair forks will have a different international shipping rate than is posted on the listing. Because it will depend on how many you buy, I will  REFUND the overage to you with a message!!  The waterpoof forks are not inlcuded in any coupon specials.

Gift Wrapping Option

Only 20 left in stock


The holidays are here, but we can do this any time of year! If there is a celebration, we will be honored to fancy up your package and make it a gift that will being joy to your loved one! Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations,Celebrate life!

These pictures are for holiday examples. If you prefer not to have something, or would like a little ribbon or a message on the box, please message me, we will love to make your gifting a blessing ! We will love to put " Do not open until.." on your package!  We can also wrap paper on the outside of the box, but we feel its safer not to reveal its a gift to the world. :D extra stickers can be put on the outide to jolly it up also!