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A beautiful Bandsaw box made with a drawer shaped like a heart and an angled top. The wood has been preserved with its natural bark in place, although it could still come off if handled roughly. The drawer has been finished with a soft green flocking . It is 6.75 inch high on the tallest part and about 3 1/8 inches diameter. This drawer box would be perfect for a special treasure, a piece of beloved jewelry, or perhaps even as a place to hide an engagement ring when popping the question♥ These boxes would also be lovely on the tables at weddings or parties, as bridesmaid gifts, Birthday presents, Tooth boxes, or just for keeping a seashell from a special trip!

These rustic beauties are made from wood we have collected locally. This one is Silk Oak wood. The small heart handle comes from the interior of the wood as we make the box, so each handle is from the actual heart drawer it is decorating.

Please do message me if you have any questions about the box! Each one has a drawer interior of a different size, so if there is a special treasure you want to keep in it, please do be sure to check the pictures for the size, or ask :D This interior is about 1.5 X 1.25 X 1.5

One of the pictures in the listing is of several boxes, to show the variations of size and woods. This listing is for the ONE box in the other 4 pictures. If you see one in the group picture that you are interested in, please check the shop, or message me!