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Walnut Wood Mini Hair Fork 3 Prong Grahtoe Studio,Hairfork, Hairforks, Hair Toy, Hair Pick, Hair Fork, Hair Sticks, Hair Comb,GLOW in the DaRK

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This is our 3 tine wood hair fork made of walnut Wood. The decorative top is 2 1/8  inches(5.4 cm) across and we have decorated this fork with a fractal wood burning, made by running electical current through the wood! No 2 designs will ever be the same! We filled this with Glow In the Dark inlay and there are 2 sections of it across the top of the hair fork!

This fork has our classic profile. It's functional prong length is 4 inches (10 cm) and its overall length is about 4.75 inches(12.2cm). Its weight is .6 ounces.

This is well finished and sealed . The only maintenance required would be cleaning with a soft damp cloth if needed.

We sand our stick and forks extensively so they are smooth and catch free!

We make each of these by hand so we will gladly accommodate requests for longer/shorter tines. We also do custom embellishing , if you would like a different stone or something carved.An additional fee may apply.

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*We now have our makers mark on all of our hair forks! If you have purchased a fork in the past and would like to have it marked we will be glad to do it for you!*

**Grah-Toe Studio hair toy care and "warranty"**

How to care for your wooden hair toys!
1. Do not store them in the sun ,that includes in the car or by a window. But wear them in the sun and be happy!
2. Do not drop them!
3. Do not use them as a screwdriver or paint can opener!
4.They are natural wood, they CAN break…put as little sideways pressure as possible on them. WE do take hair pressures into account and under normal hair updos they should be fine, including lots of hair!
5.Do not let the dog have it!;0)
6.Even though they are sealed and would weather rain or damp hair,do not swim or shower in them!

If you drop or break Your hair art, we will try to salvage it for a small fee or possibly give a discount on a new one (at our discretion) if it is not salvageable. We understand that life, kids, pets, and accidents happen! (salvageable would be, for example, to turn a broken 3 tine fork into a 2 tine and a single stick. We do not feel that a glue-up would always be an acceptable way to save a fork.)
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your crowning glory! We truly appreciate you!