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Waterproof Threnody hair forks will have a different international shipping rate than is posted on the listing. Because it will depend on how many you buy, I will  REFUND the overage to you with a message!!  The waterpoof forks are not inlcuded in any coupon specials.

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Our newest addition to the Grahtoe Family! A waterproof threnody hair fork! Right now these only come in one size and there are other colors available !

Theis water clear hair fork is 4.5 inch FPL,(11.5 cm) and 6 inch overall (15.3 cm) . Its weight is 1.5 ounces.  These are VERY tough. They have not broken in any of our tests, but if dropped directly on the tips it will damage them. They can be worn in water for swimming or showering when camping or any wet hair adventures!! They can be kept in a bag with you and heat doesn't seem to bother them , i.e. being in a car or stored. But they will yellow eventually if left in sunlight for long term storage. They are made of Polystyrene.

These will be randomly sent to you , as you can see there are many variations of bubble patterns. If you have a preference for your bubble pattern, and a few have NO bubbles, please message me before purchasing, I can choose for you but the fork will be $30 with that option. We also have custominzing options, where we add some crystals INTO the bubbles! That is $15 for each bubble we crystalize!

These will be in a clear bag mailed in a padded envelope, with an instruction card included.


Reviewed by flutterbyblue on Oct 17, 2017
Such a great product! If you've ever wanted to try out a grahtoe fork but haven't been able to afford one of their gorgeous bespoke pieces, this is a wonderful place to start. Super functional for both wet and dry hair and the bubbles add a touch of magic!
Reviewed by Katelyn.marie.noah on Sep 14, 2017
I just received my Clear Waterproof Threnody, and it is GORGEOUS. So excited to wear it. I'm a long time fan-- can't recommend this shop enough!